With each training course you can see the main topic and a link where you can find out more (organiser, place, aims and objectives… most links lead to the SALTO training calendar)

SPECIAL EFFECTS – training for trainers with special aspect in nature-based methods, 4 editions:

16.-23.3.2014 Italy:

8.-16.12.2014 Czech Republic:

15-23.5.2015 Portugal:

13.-22.5.2016 Slovakia:

VYPSANÁ FIXA and MARKER CS: Long-term training course for Czech and Slovak youth workers composed of 3 residential meetings, practical phase and coaching of participants in between the meetings.

Organised by ANEV (Association for non-formal education, with project coordinator Lenka Polcerová, ex-TCA officer in Czech NA,  2 editions: “Vypsaná Fixa”2013-14 and “MarkerCS” in 2014-15 (

OPEN UP! – organised by Slovak NA IUVENTA: A 4-day seminar organised to support and coach newcomers who would like to organise their first youth exchange in frame of Erasmus+ programme.

9.-13.12. 2015, Slovakia (

NATURE OF EVS – training for EVS trainers and also NA staff, 2 editions in 2015: 24.-31.7.2015 Czech Republic 9.-16.11.2015, Italy (

☻EVS – Reflect and Act! – seminar organised by Polish NA 3.-7.3.2015 (

☻We 4 EU – What are V4? – organised by NIFSP – Hungarian Erasmus+ Youth National Agency 20-25.5.2014 Hungary (

„JOURN@LISM 2DAY: January 2014 | Beskydy Mountains –, Czech Republic

„JOURN@LISM 2DAY“ is a new 7-day residential training course on Backpack Journalism ( as a tool of activating young people, particularly with fewer opportunities. (e.g. unemployed young people).

Media pro lidi:

We 4 EU – What are V4? – organised by NIFSP – Hungarian Erasmus+ Youth National Agency 20-25.5.2014 in Hungary. The seminar aimed to inspire/promote the development of future projects among participants from V4 countries (e.g. Transnational youth initiatives and Structured Dialogue projects) in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 2 & 3) as a tool for increase active participation of young people. One of the goals of this seminar was to share best practices within the V4 countries. More info on:

☻The issue of youth unemployment and how to support young unemployed people was also tackled in a training course called Follow the Yellow Brick Road – December 2013, Italy:
☻A training course for trainers youth workers who need to develop their coaching skills and skills how to support young people in challenging situations called Exploring New Shores – great changes create great chances, May 2013, Switzerland:

I have been facilitating international forums since 2005, when I facilitated the “EUROPEAN YOUTH AND SPORT FORUM” in Stoke Mandeville, UK for organization ISCA that I worked for at the time.  The Forum brought together 120 young people from 28 European countries to discuss the issues of volunteering in sport, combating discrimination, and health and sport under the general theme of ‘creating a culture of volunteering and citizenship throughout Europe’.  More about the Forum and also the declaration that was produced is here:

In 2006 I facilitated “EUROPEAN YOUTH AND SPORT FORUM” in Pajulahti, Finland. The Forum brought together young people from 32 European countries to discuss and exchange ideas on health, equality and active citizenship. The themes of the EYSF2006 were chosen to compliment the Finnish EU-presidency themes. The Finnish EU-presidency is campaigning for the recognition of voluntary organisations in Europe and for horizontal sport policies across all sectors. More about the Forum and also the declaration that was produced is here: (

EVS – Reflect and Act! – Conference for 50 EVS coordinators organized by the Polish National Agency in March 2015: ( The aim of the seminar was to bring together EVS coordinators from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and countries of Eastern Europe and Caucasus (SALTO EECA )and create an inspirational learning space for exchange of experience and good practice. The program included discussions and evaluations of changes in EVS projects in the Erasmus + programme, sharing of good practice among different organisations and countries and will offer a great possibility for developing partnerships and networks. The presence of officers from national agencies of Erasmus+ Youth in Action ensured the latest information.

IntergenerACTION –  A creative and interactive 5-day residential training approach to explore and develop new community-based intergenerational activities, 3 editions: Ireland-May 2011, Switzerland -November 2011, Czech Republic – November2012 (

Cultures in Contact – Krzyzowa, Poland, March 2012  – for multipliers in the field of intergenerational learning  – (

Exploring New Shores – International training course on change and how to support young people dealing with change, Switzerland – April 2012, Czech Republic –April 2013, Switzerland – October 2013 (

JOURN@LISM 2DAY –  A 7-day residential training course on Backpack Journalism ( as a tool of activating young people, particularly with fewer opportunities. (e.g. unemployed young people), Czech Republic, January 2014…/journ-lism-2day.3964/‎

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road“ The training course took its name from the yellow brick road of „The Wizard of Oz“. It tackled the topics of change, journey and transformation, which we related to the problem of youth unemployment. Italy, December 2013 (

QUALITY MATTERS! A cross sectorial approach to mobility projects within Erasmus+. At the moment we are preparing an international conference organized by Polish National Agency, that aims to gather 50 Youth workers, Trainers, Project managers, EVS mentors/tutors, those who take care of the preparation of participants for the mobility. Its aim is to create space for sharing knowledge, experience and best practice with regards to supporting and preparing participants for their transnational mobility experience in SECTORS of ERASMUS+ (AE, SE, VET, Youth & HE) (

I have been working with in the field since 2005, when I did my own EVS in ISCA, Denmark (, in 2006 I did my “after-EVS-initiative” – Future Capital.   In 2007 I started to work as EVS trainer, and since then I did more than 150 EVS trainings.  After my participation in Salto´s Training of Trainers I am very active also in education on European level. (

I have been responsible for preparing, conducting and evaluating all the trainings of the EVS cycle (pre-departure, on-arrival, mid-term, evaluation meeting) as well as working with sending and hosting organisations and mentors (national and international training courses for EVS sending and hosting organisations, coordinators and mentors). My latest passion is implementing Nature Based Methods and the concept of Council and Hero’s Journey into EVS trainings through a training concept called Nature of EVS (,

Very important aspect for me is QUALITY in EVS – I have been working on improving quality of EVS projects not only in the Czech Republic, but also together with other NA’s, last experience e.g. “EVS – Reflect and Act! (Supporting EVS coordinators in building quality and accessibility in their projects)” in March, 2015 in Poland – (

  • usage of IT tools in youth work is my passion 🙂
  • having me as a trainer would be refreshing, as I can offer, light, fun, non-geek approach to many cool modern IT tools (I love IT, but I am still more a trainer than a nerd!)
  • for most of the trainings and projects I am involved in as a trainer/ project manager I also administer the IT tools including invitation, webpage, leaflets, posters Facebook Group, online forums, WordPress, booklets with results and other resources used for learning, promotion and DEOR
  • my biggest advantage is that I specialise in tools which are FREE, ONLINE and EASY to learn and use. I believe these are the most important factors for enabling youth workers to use them. If tools are too complicated, or expansive, they never spread massively in youth work.
  • since 2013 I am taking care of DEOR and social media for Czech national agency (Erasmus+ Youth)
  • I have worked on many training courses and events on IT topic, some of the most recent/ relevant:

☀ „Emotions and IT“ training course, Madeira, August 2015

☀ „Share your story“ training course, Italy, January 2015 – online tools, social media and journalistic tools for youth work: (

☀ BYE – Backpack Journalism for Youth E(co)innovation – training course about methodology of Backpack Journalism, 10-17.11.2014  Spain, Asturias        

This training received Youth Awards 2015 in category „Supporting youth empowerment through youth work“ (

☀ Show Must Go ON! – TCA activity hosted in 2013 by the Czech national agency, about DEOR and online tools for youth workers (

I normally design promotional materials for the trainings I am involved in. Relevant for Poland, have a look at the poster I designed for seminar „Quality Matters seminar – A cross sectoral approach to mobility projects within Erasmus+“ which will be in Konstancin-Jeziorna in May:)

— attached at the end of the SALTO call, designed in Piktochart: (


Yes, I have 10 years of international experience in implementing activities for trainers and youth workers. Since 2007 I have been working internationally, successfully prepared and implemented more than 100 training courses.